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Marketing & Branding Services

Take Control of Your Brand

First impression is the best impression- give your brand the credibility it deserves.

Start with Brand Essentials ➡

Professional Business Essentials

  • Domain Name-
    The right domain name can increase brand recognition. We will help you acquire a brandable domain name ( & extension) based on your industry & choices of interest - ensuring a positive and lasting impression.
  • Website Design -
    Then, we will create a website that brings your ideas into reality - making it easier for the people you're looking for, to find you.
  • Professional Email -
    Not only does a professional email build trust, it can also serve as a marketing tool to drive more traffic to your website.

Brand Kit Essentials

It contains the important visual elements of your brand - your logo(s), font(s), color palette, and branded imagery. We will include explanations on where and how to use your branded identity.

instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin graphics and content

Social Content

Develop valuable content & build a community who will trust and engage with you for years to come. 

Start with Social Media Solutions ➡

Profile Creation & Roadmap

Optimized and aesthetically pleasing social media brand profile which includes a memorable bio with its fitting profile photo, and branded highlight covers. 

Content Marketing

  • Instagram Posts -
    Brands can use their Social Media profiles to spread exclusive offers and discounts in an effort to increase conversions even further.
  • Community Engagement -
    Build targeted and engaged communities on Instagram- allowing organic profile growth with real followers, more likes, and increased engagement & awareness. 

Graphics + Proofreading 

Graphics & readability - attracting audience with ease.

Start with Graphics & Proofreading ➡

Graphic Design Services

All marketing and promoting graphic designs & Visual identity graphic designs that your brand needs - including flyers, Business cards, logos, banners, letterheads, product labels, social media banners, menus & more!

Content Proofreading

If a company can’t be bothered to produce content/product description that is error free, what else can’t they be bothered with?

instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin graphics and content
Authentic Simplified Growth

We understand marketing

Combining creative talent and humanity is at the core of our values for your business growth.

Marketing For Any Business

From digital businesses to local shops, we provide customized solutions for your brand. 

Branding Simplified

We first ask you a series of  questions to help us understand your vision.
Then, we get to work!

Relevant Approach

 Data-driven with your goals in mind- We focus on community engagement that strengthens trust, & content creation that gains and retains  customers who will consistently & excitedly show up for your business!

Merge Your Marketing

Manage all your digital and physical marketing creation and execution in one place.

Let's Get To Work.

we're passionate about unifying your brand visions and bringing them into reality.


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Akan Social's distinct fusion of strategy, imagination and proficiency brings intentionality 

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